About Mountain View Pet Resort

Mountain View Pet Resort started as a dream by Mary Blain. Her passion for animals and dedication to dogs led her to build this beautiful animal resort. After working tirelessly for more than 15 years, building a safe and interactive environment for dogs, she decided to retire in 2022. In doing so, she sold her resort to the next generation, her niece, April and her husband, Bill. Together, April and Bill are dedicated to keeping Mary's dream alive.

We offer daycare and boarding services that go beyond the traditional kennels where the pet is in a cage or small space, outdoor time is 30 minutes up to 3 times a day and is an extra charge. Other than that at traditional kennels, there is no contact with other pets and limited contact with humans outside of meds and meals. At Mountain View Pet resort, pets are free to hanging out in the office and hallways and have access to 4 hours a day of supervised play time outside with groups of dogs (or one on one if they don't do well with other dogs). When not outside, well adjusted dogs run around inside with their dog friends and our employees.

Mountain View Pet Resort was designed with your pet in mind. Convenient to the Upper Valley area of NH and VT, we are located off Route 4, just 7.5 miles from the Lebanon Green and .6 mile from the Enfield Post Office, you will find us located on a dead end road. We are on 7.5 acres and enjoy a view of Moose Mountain.

About April and Bill

Bill and April Stone, ownersBill and April Stone's son, Cameron

We are parents to a son, Cameron who is in the United States Navy, as well as four rescue dogs: Capone, Louie, Millie and Remi. Our fur babies are all different and like kids we love each of their quirky differences that make them unique. They love people and can often be found hanging out in the office with the guest dogs, getting lots of attention and treats.

Our son with our dogour dogs

We started our journey rescuing our first dog, Lola 15 years ago. She was so traumatized that we could not comfort her for the first few months we had her. Slowly, through work, love and patience, she started trusting and coming out of her shell.our dogs Watching the transformation that happens when trust is given and received was a powerful and heartfelt experience that changed our lives. She lived her best life and because of her, we decided to make it our mission to rescue others and have supported local no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Since that time, we have added four more rescues to our family, each with different levels of past trauma and each one of them have absolutely enhanced our lives.

As a previous Operations Director, I (April) will bring my knowledge and experience in Operations and Customer Service to enhance our customers' experience and streamline front end processes, cutting down on the amount of time spent handling paperwork which will allow our staff more time to spend with our furry guests. We plan to add a customer platform where our customers can make reservations online themselves, moving all systems from paper to an electronic. This will allow us to communicate to our client community more effectively both in group announcements, as well as updating each client individually. Report cards describing your pet's experience, behavior and successes will be sent out including pictures taken during their stay. Reminders for vaccination updates, upcoming reservations and services will be automatic and opting out is, of course, an option. Our main goal is to continue to enhance the connection with our past, present and future clients assuring them that choosing us to care for their pets, was not only a great decision, but the start of a wonderful friendship.

our dogsour dogsour dogs

Living on-site allows us to truly know how your pet is doing throughout their stay. Our owner's suite is directly connected to the kennel at the back of the building. Just like my Aunt Mary, who built and operated this facility and lived onsite, we work tirelessly to help all of our guests enjoy their stay, even if that means cuddling with them inside their room at night or allowing them to come over to snuggle on our couch with our pack. We go above and beyond to make sure they feel safe, secure and most of all loved.

Like the perfect recipe for pie, changing even one ingredient changes the flavor. Why change a perfect recipe? We want everyone to know that we are keeping all of the operational standards, schedules and staffing that have been the cornerstones of Mountain View's success. The only changes we are making are to the front of the house such as adding kennel software and additional services to enhance your pet's stay. Pricing as always, fluxuates with the market, and the decor may change from time to time - but the core foundations that make Mountain View Pet Resort an exceptional place to bring your pets will always stay the same. The high standards of care that were set by Mary in her 15 years of ownership will remain the core of our business practices as we take over her legacy as second generation owners.