Customer Testimonials

Happy dogs at Mountain View Pet ResortMy husband and I have 3 dogs.  They are our children and our lives revolve around them.  We don’t trust anybody with them and we plan vacations carefully so we can include the dogs as much as possible.  We had to take a trip where we could not bring the dogs and I was stressed to the max on “which kennel should I bring them to?” After seeing about 4 kennels, I brought my decision down to 2 (and I still didn’t have a warm and cozy feeling about them).  I then heard of Mountain View Pet Resort and had a fantastic phone conversation with Mary and looked on her website in great detail.  I knew this was the place to leave my dogs for the week.  My dogs love their own space and tend to build anxiety when they are not in “their” zone.  One of my dogs is super shy and I was worried for her anxiety levels as well.

The level of care that they got while we were gone was amazing.  The dogs were extremely clean, and HAPPY.  The facilities far exceed any other that I have seen.  In fact Mary was the only place that allowed me to really get a true tour of the place, the other places we saw were hesitant to let us see everything AND they didn’t seem to care about my concerns (when I know the dogs were fine). All my dogs were able to socialize if I wanted them to throughout the day without having to pay extra.  As one of mine is super shy and it was her first time there, I kept the 3 of them together, not with other dogs, which is a really cool option to have as well.

Mary did not make me feel bad for calling at least once a day to see how they were doing and it made me feel better knowing they were fine.  We were so satisfied with the service we  received that we have already booked a weekend for them to be there when we know we won’t be home.  Mountain View Pet Resort is a home away from home for our 4 legged furry loved ones.  I am proud to be a customer.

Katie Farrell


ChiquitaHaving a rescue dog who was in a kill shelter for 30 days before being rescued and coming to live with me, I was having anxiety attacks when it came time for my daughter's wedding that was to be held in Montana and knowing I had to find a kennel for Chiquita. I received her from So. Carolina 6 months ago. I do not call Mountain View a kennel any more it is a home away from home. Leaving in tears as so many do, I worried that Chiquita would feel she had been abandoned again. The staff at Mountain View took a frightened, trembling little dog and showed her that other people would love her and care for her. I called every day for the first 4 days for a progress report and after the last one, I realized that she was at a resort, not a kennel. They matched her perfectly with another quiet little dog and Chiquita had a friend to play with! When she came home after my return, I noticed right away that she was more social with other people and not afraid someone was going to hurt her. Not only did she have a great place to stay, but she received therapy in the package! I wrote this to let everyone know who reads their web site that this is a safe and caring "resort" to leave your pets and that you can you leave and enjoy your vacation as your dog certainly will!

Leigh Davis & Chiquita Banana

Enfield, NH


WeaselIf you're reading this testimonial section, then chances are you are like the rest of us whose lives revolve around our dogs. Unfortunately, my career is one that involves extensive travel, so finding a place like Mountain View Pet Resort was a god send! There is no doubt that Mary and Stuart care about the safety and well being of each dog they look after. It is amazing and comforting to me to watch my dog weasel jump out of the car and rush to say hello to Mary or Stuart when dropping her off. She will then walk off to her accommodations without even looking back over her shoulder! (It took me a while to get comfortable with that) Anyways, rest assured, you will encounter great difficulty finding a place

Greg Grip


We have been taking our yellow lab (“Sundance”) to Mountain View Pet Resort since just after it opened, when Sundance was just a pup.  We are frequent travelers, and have been served by Mountain View for periods of time from overnights, to week-ends, and as long as two weeks.   SundanceFrom our first visit to the present, we have been 100% satisfied with all aspects of Sundance’s stays at this outstanding facility.  Mary and Stuart have provided a safe, clean, and healthy environment, and they have been most attentive to our dog’s needs for exercise, nutrition, and supervised inter-action with other “guests” at the resort.  The result is that we have never had a moment’s concern about the welfare of our dog while we are away from home.   We (and Sundance!) are enthusiastic supporters of Mary, Stuart, and the first-rate care and services provided at Mountain View Pet Resort.  

Marlene McGonigle and Joe Della Badia

Meriden, NH


Summer camp for dogs at Mountain View Pet Resort! 

ButtonFor anyone considering long-term boarding I would like to highly recommend Mountain View Pet Resort.  I am a resident of Vermont attending Vermont Law School in South Royalton.  My dogs Bean (Beagle, age 6 years) and Button (Spaniel mix, age 1 year) stayed at the pet resort for over three months while I completed a summer internship in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I thought it might be too hot for the dogs in humid Florida, so I made the decision to leave them in New Hampshire.  I am happy I did.  In fact, I think the dogs had more fun than they would have had at my house in Vermont! 

There is certainly a lot to keep the dogs occupied during their stay and the owners of the pet resort are so caring and responsible I felt I was leaving my dogs with family members.  The owners themselves have four dogs and they treat the guest dogs as though they were their own.  I know the owners are very careful to make sure all of the dogs are vaccinated before their stay at the resort and are well socialized before they are released to play with the other dogs.  The facility is new and the 15 bedrooms are clean and spacious.  There is a large playroom inside the facility.  The dogs played with other dogs every day, inside and outside, and ran around in the expansive outdoor runs - more than 1500 feet of fencing - so they had plenty of space to exercise and play.  

BeanMy Beagle is prone to ear infections and has had a stubborn, recurrent problem in one ear for a few years.  He developed another ear infection while at the facility. The owners discovered it, and treated the infection thoroughly until it was gone.  My Beagle's infection has not come back to date and his ears are still sparkling and infection-free.  Thank you so much Mountain View Pet Resort for taking such good care of my babies!  I think they had a wonderful time.  When I picked them up after the summer was over I was touched to notice that Mary (one of the two owners) almost had tears in her eyes as she said goodbye to my dogs.  I can't say enough!  We'll be back.  Perfect quiet, rural location in Canaan, NH.  Best facility in the VT/NH area, guaranteed.  

Thank you again!

Nicole Nash, Bean & Button


Codie and Baron with StuartFrom our initial visit as the first customers of Mountain View Pet Resort to our last visit, my 5 dogs, fiancée and I couldn't be happier with the service we've received!  My Rottweiler doesn't like most men, but has now grown attached to Stuart.  Knowing there would be challenges, Stuart took a special interest in her and made her like him.  I think she gained a few pounds during this process, but its better then an ER bill!

Bella and Zeke with StuartBoth Mary and Stuart have been very attentive to our dogs needs as well as ours.  They even emailed us photos of the dogs while we were out of the country.  The facility is very clean and pet friendly.  They treat our dogs like we treat them at home and this is very comforting. 

In the past I have left them with other kennels and was never very happy with the accommodations, the service or lack of caring.  They/we were treated like a business transaction in the past.  Mary and Stuart took the time to get to know our dogs, their needs, medical history and give us a full report on them each time we return for them.  They have also been accommodating with pick-up and drop-off times, which is very unusual!

LeoI highly recommend Mountain View Pet Resort to anyone who wants to have their pets receive the best care possible and enjoy the luxury of not worrying about them in their absence.  This truly is a Pet Resort!

Thom Dubuque & Seraphim D'Andrea

Lebanon, NH


DidierHi Mary & Stuart,

We want to thank you both for making our vacation much less of a worry, therefore, more enjoyable as it should have been. You both took extra measures to make sure Didier was as comfortable as he could be. As you know, we'd never left him before. I believe it was a blessing to have come across the Valley News article, right when we needed it.

We wish you both the best in your new business.  Again, many thanks for your loving care of Didier.

Judy Reynolds & James Sherman


OliveMountain View Pet Resort has been a life line for me and my dogs. In the last several months I’ve had to travel to the West Coast for a month at a time. I was in a complete panic about leaving the dogs. I had never been away from Buddha for that long of a time and little Olive was just a puppy. The thought of boarding them was causing me great anxiety – that was until I found Stuart & Mary at Mountain View Pet Resort. My visit to the facility was beyond positive it was extraordinary! Mary’s love of dogs was evident the moment she met Buddha & Olive. She “lit up” when she saw them and immediately got down to their level and let them sniff and slobber and love her. Olive is extremely shy and Mary knew exactly how to handle her. With care and patience, by the time I arrived to pick them up weeks later, Olive was quite comfortable with both Mary and Stuart and from what I understand – Stuart really had to work with her to get her to warm up to him. He stayed at it until she couldn’t resist him.

BuddhaMary sensed that Buddha wasn’t exactly himself after a couple of weeks. She realized that he was suffering with an ear infection, got him to the vet and started treating it before it got out of hand. Had she not been so “in tuned” to him she may not have noticed that anything was wrong and he would have suffered without treatment. Both Mary and Stuart get to know each dog that comes through their kennel individually. Their love of animals is obvious – this is anything but just a “money making” venture for them. Leaving your dogs with them is like taking your children to their grandparents for the week – it’s a real treat for the dogs and total peace of mind for you.

Your dogs will look forward to their “sleepover” at Mountain View Pet Resort. It’s a little slice of heaven and I feel so blessed to have found them!

Sally Bacon